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Atlas Orthogonal Technique

The Atlas is the 1st bone in the spine located directly below the head and carrying the weight of the head.  Being the first link in the spinal chain the Atlas has a large role to play.  It is responsible for holding the weight of the head and keeping it straight. If out of proper alignment the head will be off center.  In an effort to keep the eyes level and the weight of the head over the pelvis the body adapts to the misaligned Atlas by introducing subtle lateral curves into the spine to compensate for the unbalanced head.  These lateral curves are not natural and can often lead to the spinal aches and pains.

The Atlas partially surrounds the brainstem, a piece of anatomy that is particularly important for basic life functions and the nerves that run to the head.  When out of alignment the tissue attaching the bones of the skull and spine to the brain and spinal cord can become tense leading to inflammation and irritation of these sensitive nervous structures.

In addition, the Atlas can influence the flow of fluids into and out of the head, including blood and cerebrospinal fluid.  The two vertebral arteries travel through the Atlas and make two 90 degree turns before feeding the brain with blood.  A misalignment of the Atlas can alter the blood flow into your brain, potentially affecting some functions of the brain and brainstem. 

The Atlas Orthogonal Technique is a chiropractic corrective procedure that realigns the Atlas bone with the head and neck.  The Atlas Orthogonal Doctor takes specific measurements of the Atlas in relation to the head and neck and uses a specialized instrument to gently and painlessly move the Atlas into its neutral position.  With the Atlas back in its neutral position pressure is released from the spinal tissues and fluids are better able to flow around the spinal cord and brain. 

For more information visit http://www.atlasorthogonality.com/PatientSite/aboutAO.html